SONY BVM-14E1U 14 inch (13 inchV) 900 TVL Super G1 Display Unit


Designed for extremely critical applications in television stations and production houses the BVM-14E1U is an evaluation-grade color video monitor which provides precise color temperature adjustment and auto white balance(using the Sony BKM-14L auto setup probe). With a new and improved CRT Sony has surpassed the quality of its previous line of high-resolution monitors without a tradeoff in color uniformity.
New operating concept divided type with separate display and control unitNewly developed Super HR Trinitron assures a high resolution of 900TV linesSMPTE C standard phosphorsSupplied Auto alignment system for easy set-upEquipped with Color temperature alignment system for easy set-up with industry standard color analyzers (or Sony probe)Stabilized color temperature obtained with beam current feedbackComponent (Y/R-Y/B-Y)/RGB input facility availableAccepts various signals by inserting optional input boards directly into the rear panel (equipped with 2 open slots)Number of inputs greatly expanded when inserting optional input boards; 12 composite 6 serial digital 5 component 5 RGB or 4 Y/C inputs at the maximumAspect ratio is switchable between 4:3 and 16:9 (16:9 bezel is available as an option)Serial or parallel remote control capabilityIC memory card available as an option for easy monitor set-upSupported by the Sony Interactive Status Reporting (ISR) system for remote monitor diagnosisAllows the monitor to be configured with multiple adapter boards for various combinations of decoders and additional inputs.As the CRT ages or ambient temperature changesthe drive of the electron beam is continually adjusted so that consistent color temperature is maintained.Power consumption: 1.2-1.5A/0.6-0.7ASystem: 525 lines/60 fields or 625 lines/50 fields interlacedReturn loss: More than 46dB (7MHz when 75Ó terminated)CRT type: HR Trinitron CRTColor temperature: Factory preset for D65 white. Manual control is also available allowing user setting of color temperature.Normal scan: 5% overscan of the effective picture areaUnderscan: 3% underscan of the effective picture areaStability of raster size: 1% of picture height for a 100% APL change(when 100% peak white is set to 30 ft-L)Convergence: 0.3mm within circle centered on the screen with a diameter equal to the vertical height 0.6mm at any other pointRGB: 1.0Vp-p +/-6dB positive high impedanceISR: D sub 9-pinPower requirements: AC 100-120V/220-240V 50/60Hz(UL listed for 120V only)Brightness (preset): 30 ft-LLinearity: 0.5% within circle centered on the screen with a diameter equal to the vertical height 1% at any other pointHumidity: 0-90% non-condensingAltitude: 10000ft (Approx. 3050m)Weight: 50lbs 11oz(23kg)Dimensions W x H x D: 13 5/8 x 11 1/8 x 22 1/8 inches(482 x 280 x 530 mm)Phosphor type: SMPTE CAG pitch: 0.25mmDeflection: 90°Resolution (center): 900 TV linesScreen size: 13 1/8 x 10 5/8 x 8 inches332 x 268 x 201 mmInput connectors: Loop-through BNC x 3Slots for input adapters: 2Analog: Y 1.0Vp-p +/-6dB high impedanceR-Y/B-Y 0.7Vp-p +/-6dB positive high impedanceExternal sync: Loop-through BNC x 1 1-8V p-p negative high impedanceRemote control inputs: Remote 1: Loop-through D sub 9-pin for RS-485 serial remote controlRemote 2: D sub 9-pinAFC time constant: Fast mode: 0.5msNormal: 2msHorizontal hold: ±500Hz (when AFC 0.5ms)Retrace time: Horizontal: Normal within 1ms Underscan within 0-8msVertical: within 10µsOperating temperature: 0-40°C (32 - 104°)Optimum range = 20-30°C (68 - 86°F)Additional Model Brochure Information


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